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Your website,The New Free Office… Online

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If you ask any group of executives if their organizations have good websites, all hands will go up. If you then proceed to examine their websites, you will find out how far from the truth their claims are. Their websites usually are usually outdated, domains expired, have very little content, or very outdated content. Infact, a considerable percentage of these folks don’t even have a website at all.

Let’s face it; a great majority of your clients might very rarely if ever, step foot into your office. But a whopping 98% of them will visit your website from time to time. If this is true, why is an office space considered a MUST HAVE, while a website considered an optional feature?

We believe that your website is your greatest asset as a business. It is accessible from anywhere in the world, it never sleeps, requires minimal supervision, and is capable of generating leads, sales and conversions for your organization 24hrs a day, 7 days a week 365 days a year.

We are willing to help your organization develop a website that is representative of your company’s future, so it builds the right image for your company. We will help you build a website with the following values in mind:

Design: Do people say wow when they visit it?
Responsive:Is there a unified look and feel of the website across devices(Tablets, PCs, and Mobile)
Mobile optimized: is there a version of the website optimized for mobile phones (over 60% of Nigerians access the web over mobile devices)
Browser Interoperability:Is there a standardized look and feel across diverse internet browsers?
Search Engine Optimization: Is your website very visible on search engines?
Content Management System: How easy is it to add and remove content from the website?
Website load time: How fast does the website load on a browser ( you lose 20% of your visitors for every 1 second that passes over 5 seconds, if your website doesn’t load)
Ecommerce Integration: Do you want to accept local or/and international payments from your website?
Content Development: does your website have rich, educative and compelling content for online visitors?
Other values include Cost, Timeframe and personal specification.
Got an idea for your website, we can and will make it work in your website.
Send us an Email today we will reply in less than 24hours! We will NEVER SPAM YOU.

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