5 Major Social Media Trends For Nigerian Businesses

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5 Major Social Media Trends For Nigerian Businesses

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Considering the rapid growth of the “social media sphere”, every entrepreneur should pay close attention to changes in social media marketing strategies. It’s essential to replan social media campaigns, check which social media platform provides the best ROI (return on investment) and tweak the strategy as often as possible.

Tweaking the strategy won’t be effective if you have no idea of the latest trends in the social mediasphere. If you’ve been missing out on the trends and you marketing strategies haven’t been providing the desired results, lucky you found this article. Below are the five social media trends every business owner needs to follow in 2014 and beyond (changes might evolve later).

1. Never depend on one platform

You might have heard about the recent changes in the Facebook algorithm, if you advertise on Facebook, study found that only six percent of followers currently see your posts and the number keeps on dropping. How about the almighty Google? With their frequent unannounced changes, keeping internet marketers, website owners and SEO service providers on the lookout. many other social platforms yet to be mentioned.

Depending solely on a single platform puts you in a vulnerable position. every change in algorithm or any form of update would definitely affect your marketing strategy, there’s a lot to lose when thishappens.

2. Visual content sells more.

Visual platforms play a vital role in social media for businesses. Approximately 63 percent of social media comprises imagery. Infographics are very effective for promoting businesses because they contain quite a lot of data and absorbing stories to tell. A 500 words articles squeezed and broken down into an infographic would definitely attract more customers. Most potential customers would prefer reading a few lines of text with attractive images than reading an article of 500 words explaining the services your business provides(leave your comments below if you doubt that). Study found that 29 percent of Pinterest users bought an item after posting or re-pinning it on the network.

Video marketing is also hotter than ever, YouTube marketing to be specific, with the addition of networks like Vine and Instagram featuring micro videos. Though not all platform will be effective, but taking the time out to utilize these platforms and experimenting with different content formats can help rejuvenate your business social media marketing strategy.

3. Social media + SEO + Content Creation.

Social media, SEO and content marketing are highly dependent on each other; therefore they should always be integrated. Marketing they say, is a contest of being noticed. in social media marketing we try to make sure the content of our business is being noticed by using social platforms. Content creation and content marketing basically determine your SEO performance considering Google’s latest algorithm updates.

Social media, SEO and content are the three essential building blocks of internet marketing. they work together increase visibility, build your brand and most importantly increase your customers and sales.

4. GooglePLus is Essential.

Integrating Google plus in your marketing strategies is a YES YES YES(you know what i mean). Google plus plays an important role when it comes to ranking content on the internet. its not changing anytime soon.

Google plus is the best way to get access to Google Authorship, which will play a huge role in SEO by the end of 2014. Google Authorship enables the search engine identify your content, assigned to the appropriate author and build a portfolio for each author that may include what many are calling “Author Rank” — algorithmic scoring based on author expertise and publishing history. Most of the time you’ll see an image of the author next to the content. You might have seen this when you search for content on different search engines. This definitely increases visibility and click-through rates.

5. Social media as a brand builder.

Before using any of the social media platforms for your business marketing, it is important to consider the brand you’re trying to build. This has a great impact your SEO and increases productivity. It is important to stick with a particular account name which should be your brand name on all platforms.

The visuals of your social media accounts must be consistent with the rest of your visual branding. for instance, you logo is very important. it is an important element when it comes to branding. it should be the same on all platforms. Building your brand through your social interactions should be a key focus this year. Studies have shown that entrepreneurs with flexible and engaged approaches to social media marketing will have the highest ROI. Make time out to study general trends and take action to experiment with specific strategies that will grow and change as your business evolves. different platforms and strategies would work best for a brand or business while it won’t work for others. Therefore, it is very essential to understand the trend and know what’s best for the growth of your business.

What major trends in social media was left out in this post? Let us know in the comments below

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